Costa Di Lusso

Mastering waves as we master everything. Costa Di Lusso Rent A Boat branding was a challenge to mix the brands name alongside a sailing icon. Opal Colors make you feel like you ‘re sailing with us just by visiting their website. A cold breeze of the Aegean feeling embraces you, just the moment the hero […]


Yayaz is the place to be since 2017. We are responsible for the most recognizable logo in the resto-bar industry in Patras. Continiously growing and expading a brands growth over the time, our visuals and photography are now Yayaz’s amazing content in social media. Our posters, motion graphics,photography and event videography do happen every week […]


Origami single origins coffee was created in 2021 trying to give a unique impression to the visitors perspective about design in the coffee industry. As folding something so simple, as a papper, can create art, se did we. Graphic designs for the coffee shop menu, social media templates and cup designs, representing the whole philosophy […]

Boy Bun

Pure Asian Graphic design philosophy startin from the fonts used, to the shape of the graphics creating a pure asian enviroment so you can taste the exotic. Photoshooting had in mind to highlight the interior desing and lighting which created the perfect atmosphere. Asian food on the making so we can also enjoy the process […]


Rodon Cocktail Bar Resto come to the summer life of Patras to change our habits on fine dining and tasting the different. We embeded this philosophy of something new comming to change what we see and feel with a logo that can make you feel and tast different. A rose with a drop of water […]


Kontratzis nuts was founded by xristos kontratzis in 1923 with all the passion and knowledge mr Xristos had about nuts. With the same passion Rubik Solutions envizionized and designed the brand’s new, digital era. Colors, as brands first representative, were chosen for the purpose of giving the feeling of trust and a long time presence […]

Joy Burger

Having a burger is joy. Joy is having a burger. But creating the brand identity of Joy burger was something else. Catalogue design, photography and packaging all came across with the idea of people to be nearly tasting these tasteful burgers just by watching our social media templates or reading the menu. Take a look […]

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